Saturday, August 30, 2008

Her Tiny Little Shoulders

Let's get this straight - the Democratic ticket is Obama/Biden not Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama so it is up to Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden to win votes in this election. Jack Tapper over at ABC seems to think Hillary isn't doing enough to counter Palin. "We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin's historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain, while their policies would take America in the wrong direction, Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate." Clinton said. "There's still time for Clinton to pivot and point out that she and Palin disagree on quite a bit -- Palin opposes legal abortion even for victims of rape and incest, for example -- but the Clinton-Obama psychodrama is very much present in these comments from the junior senator from New York. Sens. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, and Joe Biden, D-Del., risk looking like chauvinistic bullies when they go after Palin -- they need women -- especially Clinton -- to do that for them. Will she rise to the task?" counters Tapper. Really? Am I to assume that she should attack her unfairly as she was attacked? Heaping scorn so heavy Obama's psueda Greek Parthenon would buckle under the weight of it. For all we know Hillary could have gotten that press release approved by the Obama campaign, after all both sides reported on how easy negotiations were between both camps leading up to the convention. But it really doesn't matter a wit because this is Obama's campaign to win or lose - not Hillary's. Yes, Hillary said she would do anything that was asked of her to help him win the White House. I believe her. But that does not include selling out her principles . Those of us that have taken upon ourselves to be, how should we say it, guardian angels of Hillary and her legacy, thought that was understood. That it didn't need to be said.

We have broken both gender and racial barriers in this election. I relish that and I am excited that we will also break another gender or racial barrier with the election of Sarah Palin as the first woman Vice President or Barack Obama as the first mixed race President. This is a huge breakthrough anyway you slice it. Hillary Clinton, and her supporters, as well as Geraldine Ferraro and many others have worked hard and in doing so have made Sarah Palin's ascension possible. Geraldine Ferraro notes the chasm of time between her candidacy and Palin's, "I've spent a lot of time over the last 24 years saying, 'Gosh, I wish I weren't the only one,' " Ms. Ferraro told a New York TV station. I will not stand by while others try diminish the significance of this decision or the integrity of Sarah Palin or the character of Hillary Clinton in any way. James Clyburn, the Representative from South Carolina who has gotten in the habit of stirring the racial pot, and who Bill Clinton no longer considers a friend, had the audacity to attack both Palin and Ferraro. According to a news release from the station, Democratic Congressman Clyburn of South Carolina attacked Sarah Palin on South Carolina ETV Radio this morning, comparing her unfavorably to both Dan Quayle and Geraldine Ferraro: "I do believe that McCain has to do something to reshuffle the cards, shake up the establishment, do something unexpected and Governor Palin...has all the kinds of things that McCain might see as a way to shake things up. I think (her selection) would be something similar to Dan Quayle...Dan Quayle proved to be sort of an embarrassment as a campaigner. Being thrust on a national stage like that could be very tough. Now Mondale tried to shake things up by going with Geraldine Ferraro...she proved to be a disaster as a running mate. And as a campaigner, she was absolutely awful." This is how we honor women and their accomplishments in our society? Pathetic indeed.

Well, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a lady and will only press a point or ask a tough question if it is needed or relevant. She isn't going to be your attack dog, now, especially considering how she was treated but she also won't do it because she knows that Sarah Palin is correct when she said “It was rightly noted in Denver that Hillary made 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest glass ceiling in America, It turns out the women of America aren’t finished yet, and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all.” Both Hillary and Sarah will honor the thread that connects their historical triumphs. Also, lest we not forget when Hillary Rodham Clinton went in a bright yellow pantsuit to speak to the State of the Black Union with nothing but love in her heart - political courage draped around her neck like an understated strand of pearls. She offered her apologies for any misunderstandings and was determined to maintain her commitments and friendships. She did this after many other guests of this forum attacked her husband unfairly and ignored the fact that this man, William Jefferson Clinton, had worked his entire life bringing people together. But I haven't heard a word from Jesse Jackson Jr. for his over the top yet slight of hand character attack on Hillary's tears, or a peep out of Chris Rock when he told an audiance not to vote for 'that white lady,' let alone nary a single utter of regret from Senator Obama and his use of the race card. From Sean Wilentz's "Race Man," "A review of what actually happened shows that the charges that the Clintons played the "race card" were not simply false; they were deliberately manufactured by the Obama camp and trumpeted by a credulous and/or compliant press corps in order to strip away her once formidable majority among black voters and to outrage affluent, college-educated white liberals as well as college students. The Clinton campaign, in fact, has not racialized the campaign, and never had any reason to do so. Rather the Obama campaign and its supporters, well-prepared to play the "race-baiter card" before the primaries began, launched it with a vengeance when Obama ran into dire straits after his losses in New Hampshire and Nevada--and thereby created a campaign myth that has turned into an incontrovertible truth among political pundits, reporters, and various Obama supporters." And guess what else? It cuts both ways. Ardent Hillary supporters are watching and recording history. Votes have to be won, respect has to be earned, leadership needs to be demonstrated, and relationships have to be healed and nurtured by all. Not just Hillary. That is too much for just her tiny little shoulders.

America and the world is waiting to finally see real leadership as we have been suffering eight long years with out it under the Bush Administration. So far McCain and Palin are winning on the leadership front. There needs to be shared responsibility for leadership and an ability to acknowledge the truth and learn from past mistakes. We all have work to do including Hillary Clinton!


warrior princess said...

Good post, thank you. I have wondered at the idea that for black america, voting strictly on color lines was not bigotry, it was pride. How would that wash for white americans? I have wondered that ugly,hatefilled rhetoric delivered in a house of worship,wasn't that at all,but rather a cultural phenomanon that the rest of us couldn't possilby understand. I do not want black america to be painted with Obama's brush, but it is time that black american's looked carefully at their actions. Post-racial means without regard to race. This is anything but a post-racial campaign.

I would have voted for Barbara Jordan, I would have voted for Julian Bonds, I would not have voted for Nancy Pelosi, even before this. It is time for all americans to look at the person, look at their actions, stop ignoring what you don't want to see, and act accordingly.

I will not jump for joy when McCain-Palin win, but I will breathe a sigh of releif.

Anonymous said...

F*CK them. I am not going to carry Obama's water for him.

Already I sense that we are being SET UP to take the blame if Obama loses.

If Dean, Brazile & Pelosi, Inc. wanted to win the WH then they should have let DEMOCRACY do its thing which would have resulted in a Clinton nomination.

H*ll, I will NOT be blamed for their mistake!


Karyn said...

Bravo, well said. I knew it was only a matter of time before Hillary was called on to do Obama's work again...this really disgusts me.
Palin is already getting the Hillary Treatment in the blogs, by other women!
My god--did we learn nothing?

catharine j. anderson said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes, why is it up to Hillary to get votes for Obama??? She is not the nominee, he is, so it is his job!!!! And he is too inexperienced to figure out how to do it!!!!

FAR said...

If McCain/Palin win, Palin becomes President of the US Senate -- where she will be working with Hillary and other US senators. So of course they'll want to get along with her!

Anonymous said...

Hillary's not supposed to be doing Obama's work for him! This election has exposed a lot, especially the Democrats hypocrisy of equality for women. I thought some Republicans would be against Palin out of sexism, but they all love her for her views and capabilities! The base is actually fired up now, b/c before they just had McCain who they think is a Democrat! Meanwhile, the liberal Democrats are treating Palin like a joke saying she's not qualified! She's MORE qualified than Obama!!!! They should be battling it out over ISSUES,but all they can do is personally attack her and laugh at her! Also, they have handcuffed all the women of their Party with abortion. They will give you abortion but you better be a good little girl then and keep your mouths shut! A qualified woman, that's precious! I've got news for women, I don't think McCain/Palin will overturn abortion, it takes the Supreme Court to do that and I don't believe they will ever touch such a hotly debated issue no matter who is appointed! I guess you can always not take any chances though, and just be happy that's the only right they give you! Whatever you do, if you stay in that Party, you better not try thinking for yourself! I'm voting for more than abortion, I'm voting for female EQUALITY!
McCain/Palin 08!! "Reforming Washington"!

Anonymous said...

HUMMMMMMMMMMMM lets see think for a minute???

MCCAIN / PALIN 08 !!!!!!! OR---



MCCAIN / PALIN 08!!! As Hillary said hundreds of times Country before party!!!!!!!!

Any Hillary supporter that would now back the NObama and Kool-Aid train--After all the nasty remarks to Hillary and all of us for backing her and saying for us to just go away ----now they expect us to jump on board?? NO WAY-NO HOW-NOBAMA!!! GO PUMA AND CLINTON4MCCAIN MEMBERS--MCCAIN/PALIN 08!!!!


Anonymous said...

I find it quite insulting that John McCain allowed for senator Clinton to be called a BI@#h over 14 months agao and laugh, and now try to choose a women to be on the ballot with him. Peopla WAKE UP, the GOP does not respect women, if they did how come no other woman had work as hard as Senator Clinton and now after a speech that was viewed by more than 38 million people, we hear of little miss Palin, who if need be would abandon motherly duties of her sick child to be the President. I think not. NO way, No How, Im not stupid.

Anonymous said...

aRE YOU THAT dumb??i LISTENED TO THAT AND IT WAS EDITED TO SOUND LIKE SHE WAS LAUGHING AT THAT COMMENT-- why dont you go back and listen to it again??

Tim4Hillary said...

Jack Tapper saids "there is time for her to pivot" which is really idiotic since it's the Obama campaign so if there was going to be any "pivoting" it would have to come as a decision from his campaign. Totally preposterous to write something as if Hillary can just go out and be some kind of free agent right now. She can't. It's tow the party line time for her.

Edgeoforever said...
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Edgeoforever said...

They were just getting away with it: "Hillary "lost" not because of sexism, but because she ran a bad campaign, saw the e-mails?"
And just as the talking point was being disseminated, POW! another woman to bring down!
my own comment

Tim4Hillary said...

edgeforever - You are flat out wrong. Hillary received more votes than anyone ever in primary history - that's hardly 'losing.' Hillary has to take on not only the Obama camp but the corrupt media, and the Republicans all at the same time. The fact that she ended up with nearly 18 million votes in spite of all of that demonstrates her strength. Just imagine if the media environment had been anywhere near fair and how much better she would have done. People understand that so going around and making derogatory statements like yours won't help your cause.

Anonymous said...

Gv. Palin is getting so much publicity because she is a threat to Obama's lovers especially, Keith O'berman, Chris Mattews and Jack Caffery. There are 23 of us who will now vote 4 Sen. McCaine. How perple believe Mr. O helping American and people of the world? comooooooooooooooon people. Look, he doesn't even have a heart to help his won blood relatives over in Kennya who live in a devastating poverty. Please people use ur common sence. do not be fooled by the mainstream dedia .

Still4Hill said...

Good post, Tim. I makes me feel better that you've dubbed us Hillary's guardian angels. Your post says what I've said since June and finally said to Obama in an email reply to his request for $$ because of Michelle's "electrifying" speech. Hillary continues to inspire: by what she says and does and by what she refrains from saying and doing.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! It is time for O
Obama to win or loose on his own
merit! I'm sure everyday when looks
in the mirror, he can't help but, be haunted by the ill-fated choices
that he's made but, he has to live
with them. Win or loose.

Anonymous said...

As many of you know, Hillary and Bill did an outstanding job (as required by the party) during the DNC in Denver. What is not widely known is off the record, Hillary is aware that if her support base elects Obama, she risks the opportunity to be the Democratic Nominee in 2012. If Obama becomes president, he will automatically be the Democratic Nominee in 2012. Even though Hillary could challenge him, we know the party will frown down upon it and force her to step in line. As seen in the primaries, Obama does not share the same perspective or policy positions as Hillary.
There is an extremly large movement to ensure Hillary has the opportunity to become the first female president in 2012. To do this, we would need to mobilize in support of the McCain/Palin ticket. This isn't about party as much as it is about principle. If we think this through, 2012 could be the first time we see the presidential race be between 2 females - Clinton and Palin. A hugely historical event for US politics.
As a life long Democrat, I have done a lot of research and reflection over the past 18 months and have come to realize that there would actually be very little that an Obama adminstration would change in the next 4 years. In researching John McCain's history, I have discovered that his experience and position is not that far off the mark from Hillary's. He is very open to working across party lines to ensure a balanced perspective is reached. He encourages conflict and understands that everyone brings passion to the table.
As a women and an American, I am disappointed that the democratic party was not able to pull together a dream ticket. I am impressed, however, that the republicans could. Sarah Palin is extremely accomplished and there is no indication that her conservative perspective (19th century ideas) interferes with how she governs. I think it is about time we step out of our divisive politics (party lines) and support the future. Having a women VP sends a positive message to the world that America is finally growing up. This isn't a party thing anymore!
The Republican ticket is extremely balanced in position and perspective. Palin and McCain compliment each other and are truly invested in shaking things up and changing business as usual in Washington. I am planning to step out of partisan politics and finally drive change at the ground level. I will be supporting McCain and Palin. Together their experience and exposure to executive and legislative government is triple that of the Obama/Biden ticket. It is time to do the right thing and put away party politics and support the best team. If you truly want things to change, it needs to start with YOU (as citizens)!
If you truly support Hillary and her cause and would like to see her participate in the election which will change politics in the US forever (2012), then I hope you will see the light and support John McCain and Sarah Palin!

Anonymous said...

When I see Obama sending Hillary out to work for him ... after ignoring her, ridiculing her and dismissing her ... I am angry and appauled. Please let us back McCain and Palin and bring Hillary back in 2012. We have to. The prospect of Obama winning is frightening.

Has anyone else worried that Obama has been put out there so that once he took the White House, they could do what they wanted to do all along? Let's all remember Reverend Wright (and all of his other frightening associations). Do we really believe that Obama cast the Reverend aside? I firmly believe that what went on in that basement ... what Reverend Wright alluded to ... is that Obama told his mentor and spiritual teacher: "This is what I have to do to do the work we need to do. Don't worry; I am denouncing you publicly because I HAVE to make them think that is what I am doing." How scary is that?!

The fact is we do not know this man and we do not know what would happen if he got control of the country! Let's be scared ... and let's think of the future. We cannot let Obama get into the White House. Let's cross party lines for the sake of Hillary and for the sake and protection of this country. I realize that Sarah Palin may hold views many of us do not share ... but ... she is courageous, real and ready to shake things up, big time.

I get so angry when I hear or read these men and women (honestly, what does one have to do to be a "commentator"? Where do they get these people?!) who send the message that the only reason McCain selected her is because she is a woman. I do not believe this for a minute. Do they have no idea that he may have selected Sarah Palin because of her experience, courage, spirit, warmth and commitment? Are they so threatened that they must rip her to shreds by diminishing her accomplishments? I think so ... absolutely.

We cannot let them do that. We have to raise our voices and stay strong. We have to stay united and prevent Obama from doing his deeds and taking this country down. I personally like John McCain. I believe that he is authentic and I believe he, with Sarah Palin by his side, will shake up Washington. The boys (and some of our sisters) are scared to death. They have reason to be. Obama never saw her coming! He is looking so pitiful right now ... you can feel his fear, his arrogance, his desperation. Sending out "women surrogates"! Can you even believe this?! Please Hillary, do not do to Sarah Palin what was done to you. Think of 2012, hold strong!

I loved seeing what Cindy McCain has done for people all over the world ... she has put Michelle Obama to shame.

Let's make the good guys win ... let's support McCain and Palin ... when I compare what they could do to help us over the next four years to the damage that Obama and Biden can do, I shudder. We simply cannot let that happen. Obama selected his running mate, he really did reach back into the past. McCain showed guts and character and courage and intelligence and he picked a winner.

I love Hillary, I really do ... so let's continue her work and stay united in doing so. Let's be blamed for Obama's loss ... it will be my pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it bother any of you who are ready to vote McCain/ Palin that Palin has not been allowed to say a single unscripted word? Why haven't we seen her in any interviews? The woman has a muzzle strapped on her. I can't decide until I hear her. Sorry, but saying No to O is not enough.

EWard said...

Jake Tapper is in the tank for Obama. I can't even post comments on Political Punch because I have criticized him about his bias coverage.

Hillary isn't on the ticket. It's Cupcake and Biden's problem to make their case to the voters. Obama's mistrust factor has risen with the voters because his speeches and record do not match. You can't fake experience.

I may not agree totally with the Republican agenda, but the Reps got one thing right. They defended their candidate from being smeared unlike the DP.

The Democrats have 20-30 lawyers in Alaska scrutinizing every aspect of Palin. How many reporters or investigators are covering the Rezko case, Ayers connection to the Annenberg Foundation, or ACORN?

Go Team McCain/Palin

Puma Pac Democrat

Anonymous said...

McCain is proving to be a deceitful and hateful little man. Everyday his campaign statements get more and more ridiculous. I want someone who can talk about issues, not throw mud in the eye of Americans who want a thoughtful leader.

Bush has been a mud-thrower, just like McCain and he has brought the country so far down we can ot stand to go any futher. I KNOW who is positioned to give us change and a more secure economy and it's not the guy with nothing but poison coming from his mouth. Obama, I'm back! Hillary said it was ok for her and so its ok for me too.

Anonymous said...

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